Kefalonia holidays in Poros

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Hello / goodbuy Yassas The bill please To logariasmo parakalo
Parakalo How much Poso kani
Thank you Efharisto I dont understund Den katalabeno
Good morning Kalimera Do you speak english Milas agglika
Good afternoon Kalispera Where is; Pou einai
Good night Kalinikta One kilo Ena Kilo
Yes Nai Coffe Kafe
No ohi Tea Tsai
How are you Ti kaneis Milk Gala
Very well Poli kala Bread Psomi
I want Ego thelo Hotel Ksenodohio
Excuse me Parakalo Bank Trapeza
Come in Peraste Doctor Giatros
Welcome Kalos erthate Post office Tahidromio


Below is a list of the most common dishes served at tarvernas throughout Kefalonia. Greek cuisine has much in common with the food generally found in East Mediterranean countries. Meals are rich in vegatables and Greek food is considered to be healthy. According to the traditions of eastern cuisine most dishes are placed in the centre of the table. In this way, each person chooses and eats exactly what they want. The meal is usually accompanied by local wine or with beer, particularly in the hot summer months.

Hors d'oeuvres - Mezedes

Greek Name English Name Description
Keftedes Meat balls Made from mincemeat, onions and bread, fried in oil
Ktapodi Octopus Usually barbequed and seved with vinegar
Garides Shrimps Usually served fried or with sauce
Kalamaraki Squid Fried and served with lemon
Feta White goat cheese Usually served with Greek salad
Dolmadakia stuffed wine leaves Made from rice and wine leaves sprinkled with oil and lemon 
Taramosalata Melitzanosalata Fish roe Made from smoked fish roe blended into a pate
Loukanika Sausages Usually barbequed and served with lemon
Tiropitakia Cheese pie Made from feta, eggs, flour, milk, and rolled with pastry
Kreatopita Meat pie A delicacy from Crete
Spanakopita Spinach pie Made from spinach and cheese, rolled with pastry
Gigantes Broad white beans Baked with tomato sauce in the oven
Saganaki Saganaki Fried cheese served with lemon or fried shrimps with tomato sauce and cheese


Salads - Salates

Greek Name English Name Description
Horiatiki Greek Salada Made with tomatos, cucumber, olives, feta, onions 
Maroulosalata Lettuce salad Cut into thin slices and served with oil and lemon
Lahano Cabbage Cut into thin slices and served with oil and lemon


Main Dishes- Kirio piato

Greek Name English Name Description
Mousakas Moussaka Layers of egg-plant, minced meat and potatoes topped with cheese sauce and baked
Youvetsi Veal casserole Baked veal with pasta and tomato sauce
Pastitsio Type of makaroni Made with minced meat and bechamel, baked in the oven
Gemista Stuffed tomatoes or peppers Filled with rice or minced meat, baked in the oven
Souzoukakia Meat balls Made with tomato sauce and garlic
Fassolada Bean soup Boiled with tomatoes, onions, carrots and celery
Melitsanes Fried aubergines/ courgettes Fried with batter
Kokinisto Veal casserole Veal boiled with tomato sauce and served with pasta or potatoes
Frikase Lamp casserole Boiled with celery and herbs
Kokoretsi Kokoretsi Served on a skewer made from liver and kidneys


Deserts - Epidorpio

Greek Name English Name Description
Baklavas Baklava Syrup cake made from pastry and walnuts
Kataifi Kataifi Made from flour, yeast and salt, with honey or syrup
Loukoumades Fritters Shredded wheat soaked in honey
Galaktompouriko Custard- filled of pustry Made from pastry, cream and syrup