Kefalonia holidays in Poros

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Your holidays is something you look forward to and save for all year long, so making the right decision is essential. Kefalonia has a lot to offer and the resort of Poros is an excellent start. Kefalonia is the biggest island in the Ionian sea with many breath - taking views and beaches along with beautiful green scenery all year round . There are many Places of interest to visit during your visit to Kefalonia, Just to name a few : Argostoli , the capitol of Kefalonia, Melisani the underground lake , Drogarati Cave , The breeding ground of the longer head turtle, the beautifull Myrtos bay, The famous Robola wine Factory, THe national Park at the top of Mount Ainos, Many Castles (some dating to Roman times) and Monasteries. The oldest Monasterie been Atros monastery in Poros, which can be reached via a beautiful walk way from Poros to the top of the Atros mountain. There you can meet the father who will always make you feel very welcome.